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The company Narmin takes part twice in Caspian Oil and Gas oil and gas exhibition from 06 to 10 June 2006 year.


Light line showroom introduces outstanding and famous producers of Europe in Azerbaijan as well as the brand new, special designed and famous chandeliers of Germany; Austria, Italy, Spain, Holland companies are presented and sold in the Light line company. According to the field of electric and lightening, showroom is cooperating with firms maninly; Swarovski; Kolarz; KNY design of Austria; Masiero, Kaal OR Illuminazione, IL Paralume Marina; Sarri, RenzoDelVentisette, Italamp of Italy; Copenlamp, Klobe, Martinez Yorts, Christal Record, BpM Lightining, Ilusyon, of Germany; Ilfari of Holland; Oligo, Bankamp, Joska, Paulmann, Steinal, Brennenstuhl, of Germany and etc.

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